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Gold & Jewelery Trading


Eighty years of success

With over 80 years of experience in the trade of gold, jewelry and diamonds locally and internationally with products that match the local and international taste for excellence in quality and elegance through the branches of the local institution in Medina and Jeddah and the branch of the Foundation in Dubai and the import and sale of gold manufactured in Korea, Turkey, Hong Kong, Singapore and Beirut wholesale.


Public Investment

Our general and construction investment focuses on the management and operation of hotels and real estate development through the creation of new and unique investment products managed in a modern, technical and modern in accordance with the latest international quality standards.

We are proud to

Construction and ownership of the hotel based on piece 3032 in the western central area of Medina.

Construction and investment of the hotel based on the 194th block in the northern central region of Medina.

Establishand invest a commercial market on the 3029 piece owned by the Executive Committee for the Development of the Central District of Medina.

Construction and investment of bilal’s new commercial market in Medina for ten years from 1414 Ah until 1424 H.

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Technology is the future

Sawadr’s specialized investment units provide all categories of seamless digital transformation solutions for industrial and commercial organizations of all sizes and individuals alike.Our specialized national technical units carry a lot of basic and advanced solutions, from basic analysis of existing and new works, programming and development of web solutions and smart devices, installation and control of networks and firewall systems and end to supply and installation. And programming smart building sensors.Through a unique fleet of specialized partners, Sawadr Investment works to continuously develop its products to provide assistance and support to its customers and enable them to benefit from the latest global technologies and innovations, such as Big Data, IoT and Cloud Solutions. Cloud Hosting, enhanced operational competencies (EOE) and reduced total ownership costs (TCO).Our technical units are constantly working to activate the company’s role in community partnerships that promote the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program 2020 in particular, partnerships and projects that promote innovation and innovation policy in general, by providing on-demand assistance to charitable and voluntary entities at low cost. Always strive to attract people with special skills and creative talent in our creative teams.

Digital Business Solutions

Automating commercial and industrial facilities and providing design, programming, development and marketing services for existing and new systems.

Smart buildings

By integrating artificial intelligence and automated control systems, we improve conditions and efficiency in optimizing the exploitation of materials.

Cyber Security

Security solutions and protect systems, networks and programs from digital attacks, vulnerability detection and installation of firewall systems.

Cloud Services Solutions

Design ing websites and digital portals with the latest programming languages to international standards and professional designs as we offer a distinctive hosting guaranteed with reliable protection using highly efficient servers.

Graphic Design Solutions

Professional design with the latest international technologies for various types of designs such as: (Motion Graphics – Info Graphics) and design logos and visual identity of enterprises in innovative and competitive ways in the business world.

E-Marketing Solutions

We help you reach out to all your target customers and open up new customers through innovative marketing plans and programs, and create your search engine websites with the latest SEO technologies.

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